Project/Program Management - Interim Management, the alternative to retaining a management consultancy
You are planning to undertake a strategic or tactical project and it is broadly clear on what needs to be achieved but the organization does not possess the relevant knowledge and proven skills to deliver. Assignments range from tactical project management to full business transformation.  Interim Managers lead programs to create or extend shared services, manage outsourcing due diligence to integration, facilitate and lead restructuring, organize relocations, implement new technology, risk and regulatory systems.

Interim Management, the alternative to hiring on a permanent basis and bridging gaps
You as client have a role in the leadership of a function or business area. The need can be created by a variety of different circumstances - promotion, restructure, and resignation, peaks of activity, maternity leave or sick leave.  The problem; you don’t have the in-house resources or your staff is overloaded or not capable. Whatever the cause, AP Management Consultancy will select a suitably qualified and experienced individual to fulfill the requirements and needs to recover, accelerate or maintain your business, for the exact time period required. In addition an Interim Manager can also be hired as a mentor and coach, to improve your own management, employees and company performance.

Crisis Management
When A Company faces a crisis and cannot meet its target and obligations, the pressure on senior management grows and faces stress resulting wrong decisions.

AP Management Consultancy
moves quickly to analyze and resolve the crisis. We determine the scope and composition of the problem regain control of production, sales and or cash flow and create an enterprise that is self-sustaining and able to provide quality and satisfaction for its customers, employees, vendors and shareholders.

Interim Managemt expertise force management to focus on the business rather than financial matters only. If requested or is necessary, AP Management Consultancy can deploy a full-time Interim
Manager acting on CEO, MD, Marketing & sales and other Management positions and levels, with high operational and leadership and interim management skills in a wide range of industries.  AP Management Consultancy rapidly stabilizes difficult situations and significantly improves performance. Maintaining dialogues with company’s management and staff is important and one of the keys to success.

When stability is achieved and pressures are reduced, AP Management Consultancy works nearby  the board, executives and senior managers to develop, implement and maintain strategies for improvement that meet the expectations the customers and employees. Your success is our success!

We deliver to promise!



AP Management Consultancy International Ltd. (AP-MCI) is an independent Thailand based company, which operates under European Management. AP-MCI provides Interim Management and Management Consultancy in Thailand, Asia and throughout the world.

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Your business faces a challenge. Benefits from knowledge; AP Management Consultancy provides exceptional entrepreneurial personalities and outstanding management qualities; we are result driven, and have the capacity change your company performance. Improving your success is our success, with innovative and project-specific solutions, effective in the short-run.